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PostSubject: RULES -- READ ME TO JOIN.   RULES -- READ ME TO JOIN. I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 8:59 am

Character Rules:
(There is a two character limit. Two characters per person.)

Be In Character
If you're playing England; I don't want to see you going on and on about how bloody wonderful breakfast crepes are. Rather, you should be plotting ways on how to get back at the American dolt for pouring all that tea into the blasted river. Screw off, it wasn't that long ago!

Know Your Information
You want to play Lithuania? Wonderful. Do you actually know anything about the country, so that when you personify the country into your roleplaying-- you don't look silly? Make sure to brush up on the history of your character.

Limit Yourself
Germany cannot have over 50 beers without getting drunk; no matter how hard you argue with me.
England sucks at magic-- he cannot turn you into anything you desire; because he will fuck up.
Poland is a valley girl, he is not a fashion icon. France and the Italies know more about fashion than Poland ever will.

Posting Rules:

Be Literate
T y p e o u t y o u r w o r d s.
Bonus points if you can spell.
Seriously though; try to write and spell correctly.

Try to reply to your posts as soon as you can. It's not cool to leave people hanging, waiting for you to post back. Plus, a lot of awesome threads die that way.


OOC Rules

We do not mind helping you out with your problems if you want to vent, but please keep in mind that everyone has problems of their own; and as much as we care, we don't want to listen to you talk about them for ages. It's offtopic, and ruins the mood.
Also, please keep any and all dislikes outside chat, outside threads, [unless your character has canon troubles with another character] because it is rude and distracting to all involved. We do not wish to discourage any and all who wish to join or peruse this sight and decide to become members of the site

Everyone is different, we all know this by now. If you have a problem with someone, take it to PM's and try to deal with it. If, however; your problem is different, talk to the admins. Nevertheless, respect one another, and you are all in the same community now.

If you have read these rules and wish to join; PM one of the Admin's for confirmation.
[size=9]Your character will not be considered taken until a PM is received.
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